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Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College Individual Mentor Team

When dealing with academics and career choice, students often face pressure from various sources. In the activity, mentors introduced mentees to various ways of pressure management to mentees. Mentees were also able to put the skills in practice through playing a game. Through the activity, mentors hoped that mentees could rise to the challenges in life with a positive attitude.


Hong Kong Teachers' Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School

In the last activity, mentors who worked in the manufacturing industry brought their mentees to visit Curtain City. Through the activity, mentees learnt about the nature of the industry as well as heard about mentors' career success stories, leaving a profound impression. Also, mentors and mentees consolidated their experiences throughout the year as a conclusion to the Scheme.


S. K. H. Holy Trinity Church Secondary School

Individual mentors invited mentees to visit their workplace, an engineering consulting firm.  Apart from introducing the historic development of the industry, mentors also briefed mentees on the services of the firm, including mechanical and electrical engineering, and building equipment design etc. enhancing mentees’ understanding of the engineering industry.


St. Antonius Girls' College

Interest is always an important factor when choosing your career path. Mentors adopted the “Career Interest Assessment Tool” to assist mentees in learning more about their personalities, and thereby further exploring their career interests. With that in mind, mentees can set goals for their future and formulate plans for achieving their goals.


Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College

Individual mentors played the role of their mentees’ companions in the recent activity. Mentors listened attentively and sincerely to mentees’ sharing of their school and daily lives, giving their personal views and advices as necessary on adversities and challenges faced by mentees. Through the activity, they gradually developed a mutual trust between themselves and are striving together towards mentees’ career goals.


Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

Individual mentors engaged their mentees first with an ice-breaking game to build team spirit.  They then further discussed with their mentees their interests and life goals.  In a game, they tried to segment their life time into 100 sections and allocate each section to items such as study, work, family and leisure, etc., in an attempt to estimate the proportion of time spent on each of these items.  Mentees voiced their opinions enthusiastically and proactively participated in the activity, establishing their understanding on the concept of “life planning”.


Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon)

Individual mentors from all walks of life formed a small team to enter the school and interact with their mentees. Together, they decided on the activity plan and schedule for the upcoming year. Also, mentors introduced their respective occupations, including their entry requirements and job duties, etc. The introduction covered a wide range of jobs, including flight attendants, information technology, etc., and was hugely beneficial to the mentees.


Ng Yuk Secondary School



Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School


Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School


Ho Dao College (Sponsored By Sik Sik Yuen)


Munsang College



Buddhist Tai Kwong Chi Hong College



Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College



Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College


Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College



Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon)



Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School



Chinese YMCA College


HHCKLA Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College


Hong Kong Sea School




Hong Kong Teachers' Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School



Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School


NLSI Peace Evangelical Secondary School




SKH Holy Trinity Church



SKH St Benedict's School


St Antonius Girls' College



Pui Tak Canossian College



Lingnan Secondary School