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Group Mentoring Programme

HSBC X S. K. H. Holy Trinity Church Secondary School

In the final mentoring activity, mentors concluded the mentoring programme of the school year with mentees.  Mentors shared the nature of the banking industry as well as their sweet and sour moments.  Mentees were also invited to give a presentation consolidating their takeaways from the business simulation project throughout the programme.


Chinese Estate Holdings Limited X Concordia Lutheran School - North Point

Mentors arranged for mentees to site visit one of the shopping mall managed by the corporate, so that mentees can have an in-depth understanding of the work in the property leasing and management industry. Mentees then had the opportunity to visit the Headquarters of the corporate to learn more about the job duties of different departments in preparation for the job tasting element of the next mentoring activity.


The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions X Kowloon Technical School

With the aim of enhancing mentee’s understanding of the environmental industry, a selected emerging industry enjoying advantages for further development, mentors invited the staff of the Eco Industry Labour Union to introduce mentees to the environmental industry, including its employment prospect, environmental protection education and measures, etc.  They even demonstrated how to make a natural handmade soap, so as to let mentees understand the importance of protecting the environment throughout their daily lives.  After the activity, mentors shared their working experience and career path with mentees and encouraged them to further enrich themselves in their life planning.


Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited X Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

Mentors conducted the “DISC Personality Test” with mentees to assist them learn more about their strengths and interests, in order to facilitate planning for their future studies and career.  Apart from better understanding their personality and working style, they also gained tips on effective ways of communicating with others of a different personality through the assessment, making early preparation for entering the workplace.  


Hong Kong Fire Services Department (Team C) X Buddhist Tai Kwong Chi Hong College

Mentees invited their mentors to form a team to compete in their school’s sports day.  Team sports enhanced the communication between mentors and mentees as well as built up their relationship of mutual trust.  At the same time, mentors wished to encourage mentees that with collaboration and mutual support, all difficulties in their future studies and career can be tackled.


Food and Environmental Hygiene Department & Hong Kong Observatory X Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)

To enhance mentees' understanding of the work of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, mentors arranged for their mentees to visit different teams under the Department, and especially introduced the methodology in preventing and controlling pest borne diseases.  During the activity, mentors also shared their working experience with mentees, facilitating an all-rounded reflection on their future career development.


Government Flying Service X Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School

Mentors prepared a series of career guidance activities for mentees, including mock group interview, impromptu presentation training and visit to the virtual reality aircrew training system of the Government Flying Service. It is an invaluable opportunity for mentees to be able to experience daily training of members of the Service.  Mentees were extremely curious about what they heard and saw during the visit and proactively asked mentors lots of questions.


KPMG X Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School

Mentors and mentees participated in the firm’s “corporate challenge day”.  In a leisurely environment, mentees could more concretely experience the firm’s corporate culture through personal participation.  Throughout the activity, mentees had to collaborate and co-ordinate with mentors to complete every challenge with full devotion,  Thereby, mentees could develop their team spirit and communication skills.


Hong Kong Police Force (Team A) X Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School

Apart from their own expertise, mentoring teams often provide a wider range of experience for mentees through their personal and organizational network.  Taking the Hong Kong Police Force (Team A) as an example, mentors brought mentees to a Chinese restaurant, where mentees experienced the job as a waiter and a chef, broadening their exposure to other industries.  The representative from the restaurant also shared his growth and career stories to encourage mentees to follow their dreams.


Hong Kong Police Force (Team B) X Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College

Mentors invited mentees to visit the Hong Kong Police College.  Apart from watching the passing-out parade, mentees even had the invaluable opportunity to watching the training of police recruits.  As it was the first time for most mentees to be closely in contact with police training, they were deeply interested.  Through the visit and interaction with mentors, mentees can have a more comprehensive understanding on the application criteria, job duties and training in disciplined services.


Home Affairs Department X Leung Shek Chee College

Mentors visited the school and gave an introductory talk on the work of civil servants to mentees.  Through sharing on mentors’ personal work experience, mentees familiarised themselves with to the  entry requirements and job nature of various grades in the Government.  Mentors later discussed with mentees in groups on their views towards life planning, and by doing so strengthening their bonding.


Office of the Government Chief Information Officer X Newman Catholic College

Mentors brought their mentees out of school to visit Cyberport.  The tour had a packed schedule covering a wide range of activities, including a sharing session with the young inventor, Mr Stark CHAN Yik-hei, visiting the office of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited as well as the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in Cyberport, and experiencing virtual reality (VR), etc.  Mentees were very interested in the innovation and technology industry, and thoroughly enjoyed the tour.


New Word Development Company Limited X Ng Yuk Secondary School

Apart from introducing the company’s property development business, mentors also organised different kinds of community activities for mentees, including joining the 2017/18 Share-To-Care Volunteer Campaign, Dialogue in the Dark Tour, etc. Through these community activities, mentors hoped that mentees can understand the importance of corporate social responsibility, develop empathy, and deal with challenges in life with a positive attitude.


Civil Engineering and Development Department X Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun)

Mentors organized different kinds of activities for mentees, such as resume writing and mock interview workshop, visit to T·PARK and the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, etc., so as to broaden their horizon.  Apart from learning about the sustainable development work in environmental protection and conservation of the Government, mentees also enhanced their ability in striving towards their career goals.


Water Supplies Department & Drainage Services Department X San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School

The work of both Water Supplies Department and Drainage Services Department are closely related to the public’s daily life, yet very often students may have some misunderstanding on their job nature. To provide students with a clearer understanding of the departments’ work, mentors organized a job experience sharing workshop. Apart from introducing the job duties of officers of different grades, mentors also shared with students the general requirements and prospect of joining the civil service, so as to facilitate informed decision making on students’ future development pathways.


Deacons Cares X Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon)

In the workplace, one’s body language not only affects others’ perception, but also one’s self-confidence. Thus, mentors organised a body language workshop to convey to mentees how body language and self-confidence complement one another. Through practising eye contact, hand gestures and other body languages, mentees gradually built up their self-confidence.


G2000 (Apparel) Limited X Shun Tak Fraternal Association Tam Pak Yu College

With the aim of raising mentee’s awareness and interest in various roles of the fashion design industry, mentors organised a simulation activity for mentees to experience the design and manufacturing process of clothing products. Throughout the activity, mentees participated and interacted with mentors pro-actively. They also demonstrated their creativity and team spirit in designing clothes of a unique style.


Radio Television Hong Kong X La Salle College

To familiarise mentees with the working environment and operation of a radio station, apart designing their own script, mentees were given the opportunity to take part in actual shooting. During the activity, mentors also shared their working experience with mentees and responded to their queries about the workplace.


Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department X St. Francis of Assisi's College

Mentors brought their mentees to Intercity Through Train Station and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to introduce them to the procedure of passenger clearance at control points. They then took part in an activity named “career mapping”, aiming at assisting mentees in formulating career goals.


Environmental Protection Department and Marine Department X Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School

The first step to life planning is self-understanding, and mentors hold a workshop with mentees based on such a topic. Under the company and guidance of mentors, mentees analysed their personality and experiences, and hence found out their strengths, weaknesses, future development opportunity and possible challenges in life. At the end, mentees set a goal for their ideal life in the future.


Highways Department X Ho Dao College

(Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 

Mentors from the Highways Department brought their mentees to visit the Lantau Link Viewing Platform and Visitors Centre. Apart from enjoying the stunning scenery of the Tsing Ma Bridge, mentees also learnt more about the infrastructure development in Hong Kong through the models and information displayed in the visitor centre. Mentors also shared with mentees the roles of Highways Department and other government departments in developing infrastructure. Later that day, mentors and mentees took part in a city hunt and team games, building up a close relationship.


Lands Department X Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School 

Mentors from the Lands Department organized a visit to the Urban Renewal Authority for their mentees. With this as a starting point, mentors introduced the work of the Lands Department and various related industries to the mentees. At the same time, mentors also shared some memorable personal experiences at work, allowing mentees a more concrete understanding on the industry’s characteristics, and provoking a more all-rounded reflection on mentees’ future career development.


Beautiful Life Team X Sha Tin Government Secondary School

Mentors from the Beautiful Life Team had their first gathering with mentees. Through a series of self-introductions and team games, mentors and mentees got to know each other better.  They then took part in a unique group discussion session based on pictures of various themes, aiming at enhancing mentees’self-understanding and training them to think out of the box.


Hong Kong Fire Services Department (Team B) X Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School 

At this activity, mentors brought their mentees to a fire station, introducing them to the typical job duties of firefighters and ambulancemen. Apart from demonstrating different fire and ambulance services vehicles, mentors even invited mentees to try operating the equipment inside the vehicles for themselves. At the same time, mentors also shared their memorable experience at work. Through the activity, mentors hoped that mentees can understand more about the vision and mission of the Fire Services Department, as well as learn from the persevering spirit of firefighters when facing adversities in striving for their goals and dreams. 


Hong Kong Police Force (Team C) X Confucian Tai Shing Ho Kwok Pui Chun College

Mentors from Hong Kong Police Force invited mentees to visit the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) Headquarters.  Apart from watching the rehearsal of the PTU Passing Out Parade, mentors introduced mentees to the PTU's arms and equipment, mentees even had the invaluable opportunity to personal try operating these equipment. Through the visit and interaction with mentors, mentees can have a more comprehensive understanding on the application criteria, daily job duties as well as the sweet and sour of working in disciplined services.


Construction Industry Council X Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha College

Mentors from the Construction Industry Council had their first gathering with mentees at school, and took part in ice-breaking activities. Through watching videos on knowledge about the construction industry and competing in a group quiz, mentors enhanced communication with their mentees and introduced them to various occupations within the construction industry.


Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO) X Po Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College

Mentors from HAECO invited mentees to visit the Hangar at the Hong Kong International Airport and introduced them to various aircraft examination procedures.  As the hangar is a restricted area, it is an invaluable opportunity for mentees to be able to visit.  They even had the chance to enter a real cockpit to experience being a pilot for once. Mentees were extremely curious about what they heard and saw during the visit and proactively asked mentors lots of questions.  They concluded that the activity raised their understanding and interest in related industries.


Vega Technology Limited X SKH Kei Hau Secondary School

The Vega Mentoring Team and their mentees visited an elderly home. Apart from touring the facilities at the home, mentors and mentees chatted and played games with the elders. They also performed as well as distributed fruits and gift packs to the elders. Through such a meaningful volunteer activity, mentors hoped that, apart from working, mentees will also contribute to society through volunteering in their future career.


Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital X Pui Tak Canossian College

Under the guidance of mentors from the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, mentees toured around School of Nursing campus in Wong Chuk Hang.  Mentors and nursing students briefed mentees on the academic requirements and career path of a nurse, as well as explained their daily job duties.  Furthermore, mentees had the opportunity to visit a simulated nursing ward and learn about various types of nursing equipment.  Also, they personally experienced how to take care of a new-born baby.  Through interaction with mentors, mentees can better assess whether they are suited for the medical industry and better prepare for their future.


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department X Hong Kong Teachers' Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School

Mentors from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department brought their mentees to attend the Info Day of the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) (Tsing Yi), so as to enhance their understanding on the multiple pathways for their further studies. Besides interacting with experienced mentors, mentees had the opportunity to sit in a seminar with actual IVE students, as well as understand the career paths after studying electrical and mechanical engineering from a sharing by an industry expert. Afterwards, mentors and mentees engaged in an exciting and fun archery competition, encouraging mentees to work hard towards their goals and wishing that one day, they will hit the bullseye.


Immigration Department Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College



Civil Engineering and Development Department X Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun)


Home Affairs Department  X  Lingnan Secondary School



Beautiful Life Team X Cumberland Presbyterian Church Yao Dao Secondary School



Buildings Department X Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School