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Mentor Training 2018/19

Pre-service Training

We commissioned the professional training team of the Salvation Army Education and Employment Service to conduct three sessions of pre-service training for mentors in late-September to early-October to prepare for mentoring service in this academic year. The training covered the objectives and operation mode of “Life Buddies”, techniques of conducting mentoring service, communication skills with the youth, etc.


Mentor Training 2017/18

Pre-service Training

To better equip mentors with knowledge and mentoring skills for the upcoming mentoring service, mentors have undergone the “Life Buddies” Mentoring Scheme (School year 2017/18) - Pre-service Training sessions held in late-September to early-October. Training themes include “Understanding the difficulties faced by young people”, “The role of mentors”, “Design a career-oriented themes activity”, and “Theme Sharing”. Below are some highlights of the training sessions:


Mentors’ Thematic Workshop – “S.M.A.R.T. Communication with Youths”

Following the commencement of school-based mentoring activities, in order to provide more advanced training for mentors, we invited Mr. Lo Wai-yip, Tony, Service Supervisor, Education & Employment Service of The Salvation Army to hold a thematic workshop named “S.M.A.R.T. Communication with Youths” in early December. The themes of the workshop include “perception towards youths and understanding of their needs”, “concept of ‘life and career planning’”, “principles and practice of guiding youths in considering their ‘life and career planning’”, and “S.M.A.R.T Goal & Communication”.


Mentor Training 2016/17

Pre-service Training

Programme Briefing and Skills Training

To prepare for the upcoming mentoring service, mentors have undergone a series of training sessions. Training themes include “Volunteering and Good Practice”, “Building Trust with Youth” and “Being an Effective Youth Mentor”. Below are some highlights of the training sessions:


Mentors' Sharing


Group Discussion


Condensed Training


Programme Planning Workshop


Sharing cum Advanced Training