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Ceremony Videos

The "Life Buddies" 2017/18 Launching Ceremony was successfully held on 4 November 2017 at the Central Government Offices. About 500 representatives from Government departments, public bodies, corporations, and schools, as well as mentors from the community and students joining the Scheme attended the Ceremony. Mentors from New World Development Company Limited, Deacons Cares and Immigration Department shared their experiences in the Scheme last year, together with their mentees from Ng Yuk Secondary School, Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon), and Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College. They also encouraged everybody to actively participate in the Scheme in the new academic year. Afterwards, the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Chairperson of the Commission on Poverty, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, released an airship-shaped balloon in the company of other officiating guests and student representatives, symbolising the theme of the Scheme, "Buddies Together, Follow Your Dream", and kicking-start the Scheme in the new school year. The video features highlights of the Launching Ceremony.

Heroic Goalkeeper - Yapp Hung Fai

The “Life Buddies” Pledging Ceremony invited renowned Hong Kong footballer Mr. Yapp Hung Fai as a guest, he shared his personal growth experience as a mentee, and used football match as a metaphor for life, encouraging students to make the most of the invaluable opportunity to strive for a successful career ahead. He also played games with mentors and students and gave out prizes. (video in Cantonese only)

Highlights of “Life Buddies” Pledging Ceremony

“Life Buddies” Pledging Ceremony concluded successfully with participating parties pledging and saying the slogan of the Scheme “Buddies Together, Follow Your Dream” in unison. On the day, around 500 representatives from participating Government departments, public organisations, corporations and schools, as well as mentors attended the Ceremony, witnessing the formal implementation of various programmes under the Scheme, interacting with each other and taking photos. This video contains highlights of the Pledging Ceremony. (video in Cantonese only)

“Life Buddies” in the Eyes of Organisations and Students

“Life Buddies” Scheme is a mentoring scheme hinging on the tripartite collaboration among the Government, the business sector and the community. Under the Scheme, job tasting programmes have completed successfully during the 2016 summer holiday and mentoring programmes have gradually commenced since the summer holiday. Efforts by mentors are crucial for successful organisation of these programmes. In the video, we have invited representatives from different Government departments and organisations, as well as students matched with them, to share their expectations on the Scheme. (video in Cantonese only)

Birth of “Life Buddies” Scheme

From launching, pledging to formal implementation of programmes, the “Life Buddies” Scheme has reached quite a number of milestones. In order to foster the public's further understanding of the scheme’s background and target, we have prepared a video where the Chief Secretary for Administration and Chairman of the Commission on Poverty, Mrs Carrie Lam, and Chairman of the Mentoring Programme Working Group, Dr Philemon Choi, would explain in detail on relevant topics. (video in Cantonese only).

Miss Chan Yuen-ting's Appeal

The “Life Buddies” Mentoring Scheme has received continued support from the community since its launch. Miss Chan Yuen-ting, who led the Eastern Football Team to win the Hong Kong Premier League Champion in the 2015/16 season and was certified by the Guinness World Records to be the first female football coach to win a top-flight men's championship, expressed her support for youth upward mobility as well as the mentors and students participating in the programme by appearing on a video, despite not being able to attend the "Life Buddies" Pledging Ceremony. (video in Cantonese only)