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Life Buddies

Life Buddies

The Commission on Poverty launched a youth mentoring scheme, named“Life Buddies”, in October 2015 to promote mentoring culture in the community to help youth from disadvantaged background move upward in society, and thereby reducing intergenerational poverty.
We hope to encourage more active participation from businesses and members of the public to become mentors to give aspirations and advice to the younger generation, particularly senior secondary students, to help them improve their life skills, enhance their exposure, engage in/maintain participation in education, training and employment, develop a vision for their future, and make preparation for achieving education, training and career goals.

Key Programmes under “Life Buddies”

School-based Mentoring Programme

Government departments / corporates / organisations / individual mentors form volunteer mentoring teams to interact with senior secondary students in schools for at least one year, following the “adopt a school” model. In collaboration with schools, mentoring teams play a leading role in programme design and conduct various career-focused mentoring activities for participating students. The programme aims at providing early workplace exposure to youths from disadvantaged backgrounds and allowing them to develop a vision for the future through the guidance of experienced mentors, thereby helping them move upwards in society. In the 2019/20 school year, mentoring teams formed by 48 Government departments, corporates, and organisations, were matched with 50 local secondary schools.

Job Tasting Programme

Government departments / corporates / organisations will offer job tasting opportunities during school summer holidays. Participating organisations can design activities for 2 days, including introduction on the mission and business of the organisation, office tours, staff experience sharing, career talks, etc., some organisations may offer job shadowing sessions for students to gain first-hand experience in a real-life work setting. During 2019 Summer Holiday, about 80 Government departments, corporates and organisations offered job tasting opportunities to about 900 senior secondary school students.

"Be a Government Official for a Day" Programme

“Be a Government Official for a Day” Prorgamme