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Life Buddies

Life Buddies

The Commission on Poverty launched a youth mentoring scheme, named“Life Buddies”, in October 2015 to promote mentoring culture in the community to help youth from disadvantaged background move upward in society, and thereby reducing intergenerational poverty.
We hope to encourage more active participation from businesses and members of the public to become mentors to give aspirations and advice to the younger generation, particularly senior secondary students, to help them improve their life skills, enhance their exposure, engage in/maintain participation in education, training and employment, develop a vision for their future, and make preparation for achieving education, training and career goals.

“Life Buddies”Scheme 2018/19 - Recruitment of Corporates and Organisations

To prepare for the “Life Buddies” Scheme in the upcoming school year, the organiser has launched the recruitment of corporates and organisations.  To know more about the recruitment, please refer to the appended fact sheets.  Should corporates or organisations be interested in becoming a partner of “Life Buddies” in the upcoming school year, please complete the appended reply slop and return to the organiser via fax (2537 7068) or email (lifebuddies@cso.gov.hkon or before 16 March (Fri).

"Life Buddies" Scheme 2018/19 (Fact Sheet) 

Reply Slip

Key Programmes under “Life Buddies”

School-based Mentoring Programme

Group Mentoring Programme

Government departments / corporates / organisations can form mentoring teams to conduct school-based group mentoring for local secondary schools. Following the “adopt a school” model, mentoring teams will interact with a group of selected students from participating schools through activities / events in school on a regular basis within a one-year period. In collaboration with schools, mentoring teams can design themes of activities / events and will play a leading role in programme design. In the 2016/17 school year, mentoring teams from 39 Government departments, corporates, and organisations were matched with 51 local secondary schools, a total of more than 700 mentors and over 1000 form four to form five students participated in the programme.

Mentors Partner

Staff members of Government departments / corporates / organisations or individuals in the community who have experience in mentoring or confidence to conducting one-to-one mentoring activities may participate in the Mentor Partner programme.  Individual mentors will form groups to interact with students of their matched schools according to a pre-designed framework focusing on themes of life planning, choices in career / academic pursuit, overcoming adversities, etc.  In the 2016/17 school year, about 200 individual mentors form teams to provide mentoring service for senior secondary school students at 22 schools.

Exposure in Workplace

Government departments / corporates / organisations will offer job tasting opportunities during school summer holidays. Participating organisations can design activities ranging from 2 to 5 days, including introduction on the mission and business of the organisation, office tours, staff experience sharing, career talks, etc., some organisations may offer job shadowing sessions for students to gain first-hand experience in a real-life work setting. In June and July 2017, a total of 52 Government departments, corporates and organisations offered job tasting opportunities to over 800 senior secondary school students.