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Life Buddies Souvenir Gallery

2019-20 Commemorative Album (Chinese Only)

Thanks to the support and positive feedback from our mentors and mentees, "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme welcomed its 4th anniversary in the 2019/20 school year. In the 2019/20 school year, "Life Buddies" recruited a total of 48 Government department/ corporates/ organisations, which partnered with 50 local secondary schools to form 50 different mentoring teams and conduct various types of career-focused menotirng activities for senior secondary students. Mentors of "Life Buddies" are the beacons for the youth, who leverage their rich life experiences to offer guidances to the students and encourage them to make early life planning. We would like to take this opporunity to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the participating mentors, teachers-in-charge and students, and has compiled a commemorative album to capture all the unforgettable memories of each mentoring team and the thoughts of the participating mentors and mentees, so that we can all treasure the precious friendship built during the scheme.

Please download here.

2018-19 Commemorative Album (Chinese Only)

Thanks to the support and positive feedback from our mentors and mentees, 2018/19 marks the third year of "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme. This year, "Life Buddies" continues to strive to achieve our goal - helping youths to identify their unique career/life paths amidst tonnes of potential opportunities after they graduate from schools. This year, the theme for our commemorative album is paper airplane, which signifies that under the coaching from their mentors, student mentees can identify their development pathways, blossom in their areas of interests, contribute to our society, and pay forward the spirit of mentorship.

Please download here.

2017-18 Commemorative Album (Chinese Only)

The sustainable implementation of "Life Buddies" relies on the concerted support and vote of confidence of mentoring teams, schools and students. The Secretariat has produced a commemorative album for the Scheme for the second year in recognition of the fruitful journey and invaluable relationship of mentors and mentees in the past year. This year, the commemorative album also includes a dedicated section for photos of the Job Tasting programme. Adopting the theme of a compass, the commemorative album signifies that mentees can find their development pathways under the guidance of mentors and thereby leading towards a positive life trajectory, in line with the mission of "Life Buddies".

Please download here.

2016-17 Commemorative Album (Chinese Only)

The 2016-17 school year is the year in which "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme was first launched. To express its gratitude to various supporting bodies of the Scheme, the Secretariat specially produced a Commemorative Album to record the implementation of the Scheme in the first year with photos and words, highlights of activities during which mentor teams and students built their friendship, as well as sharing by mentor and student representatives, to serve as a testimony of the knowing and growing of mentors and mentees. 

Please download here.


To promote the "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme, the Secretariat has designed the following series of useful souvenirs for mentors to share with their mentees during mentoring activities at schools. Due to overwhelming response, some of the souvenirs had all been distributed, limited stock of the remaining souvenirs can be provided to mentor teams upon request. For details, please contact the CoP Secretariat (Tel.: 3655 4891).

(1) 2019/20 Launching Ceremony T-shirt 

Colour: Red/Green/Light Grey      Size: S/M/L/XL


(2) Folder 

(3) Tote Bag 

(4) String Bag 

(5) 2018/19 Launching Ceremony T-shirt Sorry, Out-of-Stock

Colour: Blue/White/Red      Size: S/M/L/XL


(6) 2017/18 Launching Ceremony T-shirt Sorry, Out-of-Stock

Colour: Orange/Blue/Black/Pink      Size: S/M/L/XL


(7) Track JacketSorry, Out-of-Stock

Colour: Grey/Pink/White     Size: S/M/L/XL


(8) Face Towel

(9) Phone Finger Ring Sorry, Out-of-Stock

(10) Colour PensSorry, Out-of-Stock


(11) Ice Towel (Sorry, Out-of-Stock)

(12) Waterproof Bag (Sorry, Out-of-Stock

(13) Folder (Sorry, Out-of-Stock

(14) Badget (Sorry, Out-of-Stock