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To effectively achieve the objectives of "Life Buddies" Mentoring Scheme, the Secretariat of the Commission on Poverty has drafted a succinct Mentor Handbook, covering an overview of the Scheme, the roles and responsibilities of different partners under the Scheme, points to notes for mentors, suggestions on mentoring activities, as well as mentor training and support services.  This Handbook serves as a one-stop information shop of the Scheme.  We recommend all participating mentors to spend some time reading through the Handbook:

Life Buddies Mentor Handbook 2021/22

In order to improve the quality of mentoring schemes in Hong Kong, the Commission on Poverty (CoP) commissioned the Hong Kong Quality Mentorship Network and the Network for Health and Welfare Studies of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (research team) to develop a set of operation and training manuals. It will serve as an operational reference for schools and organisations to implement career-focused mentoring schemes, and will cover elements including mentor recruitment, matching, monitoring, training courses and materials, as well as programme supervision.

The CoP carried out a pilot scheme from April 2016 to March 2017 to test the practicality of the manuals. 100 senior secondary school students from 5 local schools were selected to participate in the pilot scheme. The research team has consolidated the implementation experience, and has enhanced and updated the manuals based on the evaluation of the pilot scheme.

The manuals offer a recommended operation and training framework for implementing school-based mentoring schemes. Schools or organisations implementing mentoring schemes can adjust the content and format of their mentoring schemes as appropriate according to actual situations and needs.

Career-focused Mentoring Programme (Chinese only)

Training Materials (Chinese only)